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Simon Ellery
Auckland, New Zealand
$1,049 - $3,749
Your logo design is the face of your brand. At White Rabbit, we take the time to understand the goals and objectives of your business so we can represent it effectively. We’re experts at creating eye-catching and memorable logo designs that get businesses...
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Luke Baker
American Fork, Utah
$1,000 - $2,500
Since 2005 Luke Baker has designed logos for hundreds of businesses around the world. While working for HP, Luke was the Director of Design for a worldwide team of 200+ freelance logo designers. He would critique their work and help them improve, as well as was in charge of all the portfolio review and hiring and firing for this community of designers...
I.D. Verified
Jamie Windell
North Vancouver, Canada
$1,800 - $3,000
Hi, I'm Jamie Windell, Founder, Brand Strategist, and Mentor at Khula. Khula Design Studio is an award-winning, global strategic design studio dedicated to helping businesses transform and thrive. Bridging the gap between the latest technology and a global network of talented creatives, we design brand identities...
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