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Maika Coffee
Chicago, Illinois
$60 - $120
Heylo, my name is Maika and I am a Freelance Artist that has grown especially fond of making portraits specifically. Over the years, while working in the art field, I slowly focused on improving my skills in drawing and painting because it was something I enjoyed when I was little before entering the adult world of art and all the different challenges it entailed. So now that I have improved, I'm hoping I can make personal art for others! Something that will be unique, personal and hopefully...
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Melissa Snyder
Morris, Minnesota
$50 - $125
I am a Studio Art major at the University of Minnesota Morris with more than 5 years of experience with making portraits. I own my own small business where I sell fanart, commissions and more! I take great inspiration from art nouveau and Art Deco styles.
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Jaden Prendergast
Union City, California
$35 - $65
Born and raised in New England, became an adult in California. I have a passion for digital art and drawing dogs. My art career started as a project on Instagram highlighting adoptable pets - which has since grown to 10k+ followers! I have a sweet spot for senior pets. When I'm not making art - I'm watching documentaries, hanging out with my fianc�, listening to music, and making more art.
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Aikaterini Patapi
Athens, Greece
$10 - $40
I am a Professional Digital Illustrator with a Master's Degree in fashion design, fashion styling, visual merchandise, and graphic design. I would love to help you create and design your vision exactly how you want it!
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Donna Rollins
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
$150 - $800
Hi, I am a fine artist and illustrator. My work includes children's books, teen books, and award winning greeting card illustrations. My illustrations are all hand painted in acrylic or watercolor on canvas or paper. Each illustration is then enhanced or refined using digital programs such as Pixelmator and procreate. I have experience with Amazon KDP publishing, as well as with author's choosing their own printing/publishing vendors. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work.
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Lora Mihaylova
Canterbury, United Kingdom
$150 - $1000
Creator of personalised digital art. Let me introduce you to my art work, which I have been doing for a quite long time now. if you are searching for an original present to your family, friends or loved ones do not hesitate to contact me.I can create any portrait for a very short amount of time...
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Armando Nieto
Savannah, Georgia
$100 - $300
Armando Nieto is a Venezuelan born emerging artist based in Savannah, Georgia. He is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. His work focuses on concept art for environment, landscape, portraiture, and animated illustrations. Armando has vast experience using traditional techniques such as graphite, markers, watercolor, acrylics, and oil paints...
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Beatrice Petrillo
Borgomanero, Italy
$53 - $107
Hello! I am a freelancer illustrator specialized in illustration art and character design in anime style. I take deep pride on what I do, so I always make sure my clients are satisfied with the exerience I offer!
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Ashley Love
Dallas, Texas
$150 - $9000
I am a fashion designer/ fashion illustrator with over 21 years of experience as a fine artist and over 14 years of experience as a fashion designer and fashion illustrator. In addition to fashion design /fashion illustration, I also have some (a little over five years) graphic design experience (flyers, invitations, and apparel). My specializations include womens activewear, swimwear, sleepwear, and casual RTW (Ready-To-Wear)...
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Anton Kakhidze
Tbilisi, Georgia
$200 - $1,000
Hi! I’m an illustrator and artist with 5 years of experience. I specialize in creating digital illustrations that incorporate characters and geometric/abstract shapes. I have experience working with big tech companies and banks as well as start-ups and individuals. I create unique and expressive illustrations that businesses benefit from, and I'd love to create one for you as well:)
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Josephine Venhoff
Braunschweig , Germany
$30 - $70
Hello! I'm a digital artist with over 2 years of experience specializing in pet portraits. I would love to create a custom piece just for you for it to be cherished for years to come! I feel incredibly inspired by bringing pets to life on a canvas. Every animal is different and I love showing off their personality by working out all the little details that make your pet unique...
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