Giving back to healthcare workers ❤️

Thanking all healthcare workers for their incredible resilience in the way we know best - custom, handmade portrait paintings

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custom portrait painting of 5 doctors and nurses by artistcustom portrait painting of 5 doctors and nurses by artist

Healthcare Heroes

See how our community came together to create complimentary portrait paintings of Healthcare Heroes during the 1-year anniversary of Covid

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Pictured: Osborn Medical Center (Scottsdale, Arizona) by artist Bianca Davis

How it's made

In addition to receiving a masterpiece, artists send progress photos and timelapse videos so you see how the painting is created

Pictured: James Todaro (MD) by artist Serguei Zlenko

Our way of expressing appreciation

Kristyn Marten
Sarasota, Florida

Artist: Diana Wynne

Arun Janhavi
Detroit, Michigan

Artist: Angel Mazzoni

Himali Weerahandi
New York City, NY

Artist: Stephanie Bean



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How to: turning a photograph into a painting (by a real artist)

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Our algorithm matches you with relevant artists based on your request! To view available artists, start a request. After placing an order, we hold your payment until your artist confirms. 

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There are over 500 trusted artists registered on MadeMay of varying prices. The total cost incorporates the size of your project, artist’s time & expertise to create it, materials used (such as the canvas and paint), and shipping. 

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What kind of custom paintings & drawings can I get?

The beauty of customization is that you can get any artwork personalized for you! The most popular are portrait paintings of people and pets, but you can also get custom abstracts, replicas of originals, home portraits, and anything your mind can conceive! 

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