the premiere place to request & order custom-made sculptures and statutes

Hire a top-rated sculptor

Each sculpture is made for you by a real & professional sculptor - by hand, from scratch

Memorialize the meaningful things

Our artists meticulously hand-craft a sculpture or statue of yourself, someone you love, a pet or animal, and anything else, giving you an everlasting masterpiece to be cherished & celebrated for generations

Tell us what you have in mind - any size, any design - and our friendly team will work with you to turn it into a reality

Human Sculpture

Immortalize someone special to you into a marble or metal sculpture

Pets & Animal Sculpture

Mans' best friend deserves to be honored & commemorated too

Objects & Abstracts

Any subject & inspiration can be created into a real sculpture

Commissioning a sculpture

Getting a custom-made sculpture is not an everyday purchase - we know exactly how meaningful it is to you. For many, commissioning a sculpture is a call to leave an everlasting legacy and memorialize life's most special memories.

Our team carefully reviews & understands your request and objectives. Once we have the details right, we will provide you a selection of top-rated, professional sculptors to choose from.

Once you choose you view the sculptors previous work and make a selection, we ask for a 25% payment upfront. Another 25% is paid at completion. The remaining 50% is paid upon delivery.

Throughout the sculpture-making process, you are provided updates & progress reports

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