Artist Guidelines

Our goal is to connect thoughtful consumers with a community of independent, talented artists

In a world of mass-produced & automated products, our mission is to revive the human touch in commerce

You can think of MadeMay as the AirBnB or Uber of commissioning artwork.

Other platforms unfortunately devalue their creators and encourage bottom-of-the-barrel pricing. We never do this and we always put our artists first.

We brand ourselves as a premium marketplace, such as having invite-only registration. We expect our talented community to provide exceptional camaraderie as you are not only representing yourself, but our brand too.

Before the 1st commission


How requests & search work

1st commission & beyond


Two methods of getting commissions & orders

Your future clients can find & hire you via 2 methods:

1.    Via request form
2.   Via direct profile

You will only appear in the request form for scenarios that you can fulfill, which is described below in How requests & search works. An example of getting commissioned via request form is when a user finds out about MadeMay on Google since they’re searching for an artist, and they start a request from the homepage.

The second method your future clients can commission you is directly on your profile. Each creator on MadeMay is given a profile to showcase their talent, upload portfolio images, include reviews, and more. An example of getting commissioned via direct profile is by you including your MadeMay profile URL on your Instagram bio. MadeMay profiles also appear on Google, so your MadeMay profile may appear if someone searches “oil artist for commission in South Carolina” (this only occurs if your profile is robust & complete).

Our fee is 0%.

Your profile URL is

How requests & search works

The goal of the request form is to connect a future client with a list of relevant creators for a desired project – efficiently & effectively. For example, if a client wants a large pet portrait painting, then we only want to display artists in the Results Page that we know can fulfill that scenario – a large pet portrait painting.

When setting up your account, fill out all the scenarios you’re eligible to fulfill orders. We have an easy-to-follow guide on how to maximize your visibility on results pages.

To rank high in the results page, our algorithm considers the following:

- A completed, robust profile
- Positive reviews
- Number of successful orders
- Recent login & engagement

Setting up scenarios, pricing, & image tagging

Setting up your profile involves setting up “scenarios”, which tells our algorithm what kind of requests you can fulfill. Since each scenario is different, this means the pricing for each scenario is likely different too. For example, the scenario of a “large pet portrait painting” will have a difference price point than a “small pet portrait painting”. With each scenario you add to your profile, you will provide:

1.    Pricing for that scenario (i.e. $200)
2.   Turnaround time for that scenario (i.e. 5 days – 10 days)

We ask that you add scenarios that you have experience fulfilling. This is important with image tagging. With each image you upload to your profile, you will be asked to tag the image (tagging simply tells the platform what the image is of). This way, when a client starts a request for a home portrait, they will not be shown your pet portraits in the results page since that would cause them confusion.

As a reminder, refer to our short guide on how to maximize your visibility with scenarios & tagging images.

Note #1: Customers always look for a good deal. The lower your total price, the more likely you are to get commissioned. We do not recommend decreasing your labor costs, but look for ways to decrease material & packaging costs.

Note #2: Do not include shipping in your pricing. On MadeMay, you upload the receipt on each order & will be reimbursed for the actual shipping cost.

Note #3: Do not include miscellaneous costs in your pricing, such as framing if you are a portrait artist. You are free to offer this as an add-on service to the client at the end (in fact, we encourage this).

Completing your profile

Our data shows that a customer’s buying decision is 40% determined by the artists’ artwork. The other 60% is due to the artists’ background and “expectation” factor. This means what you put in your profile is 60% of closing the deal.

This means more than just describing your background & techniques, but also letting the future client know what they can expect if they place an order. Since MadeMay focuses on made-to-order and custom-made products, clients are purchasing something that doesn’t yet exist, so it can understandably make people nervous to place an order.

However, if you cover the following in your profile, you will help to ease their worries and get more orders:
- Describe what your process is like, including what will happen once they place an order
- Tag your images
- Add reviews to your profile
- Add high-converting images to your portfolio, such as before/after images which give clients real examples

- add watermarks to your profile images
- include external links in your bio

For more tips, read our 5-minute guide on what to include in your profile.

Getting the 1st commission & beyond

Once you have completed your profile, it is time to start getting & fulfilling orders


Getting & fulfilling commissions

Before getting your first commission, we ask that you have materials readily available. This is so you can shorten the time between the customer's order and the time the product arrives on their doorstep, which increases satisfaction levels.

Regarding other requirements, such as whether you should use a pre-stretched or rolled canvas, we leave that up to you. We recommend not creating additional work for clients, so shipping the canvas pre-stretched is our strong recommendation in this example. Be sure to indicate these kinds of facts in your profile, as part of letting the client know what they can expect.

When you get commissioned, you will receive an email asking to Accept or Decline a client’s request.  You have 48 hours to review & respond. You will receive the clients' contact & shipping information after you accept the request. If you do not respond within 48 hours, the commission will expire.

Ignoring a request will get your account terminated (until you re-activate) because that shows you are inactive. If you wish not to be listed on MadeMay for any reason (such as going on a long vacation), you can toggle off availability from your Account Settings.

In some instances, the client may not have given you all the information you need to determine whether you should Accept or Decline a request. When this occurs, we suggest you Accept the commission so you can communicate with the client and clarify what you need. If you change your mind after accepting a request, we can cancel the commission without problem.

Please following these 4 steps once you Accept a commission:

1.    Write an email to the client informing them that you have accepted the commission and you are excited to start. You may also ask clarifying questions & anything else you need before starting.

2.    When you are halfway finished with the order, provide the client a progress photo of how it is coming along.

3.    When you are finished, provide the client a finished photo and ask them if they approve it before shipping.

4.    Ship, mark the commission as Complete in your dashboard, and upload shipping receipt to receive reimbursement.

We strongly recommend creating a timelapse video of you creating the work. Not only do clients love these, but our team will use your timelapse videos to actively promote you as an artist.

For more insights, see How to properly work with and deal with clients who commissioned you for custom artwork

Packaging & shipping

Once the client approves your finished masterpiece, it is time to package & ship.

Shipping is direct from you to client.

Unless the client requests expedited shipping, use the most economical (cheapest) shipping option. Shipping costs should not exceed 10% of the total cost.

When shipping, ensure that the shipping carrier requests signature from the client (or family member) at delivery.

After you have shipped the package, you will return to the Artist Dashboard to provide the Tracking ID and the Shipping Charge so you get reimbursed for shipping expenses. Except for sculptures, the maximum reimbursement amount for shipping is $100.

If you need help packaging artwork, refer to this helpful article.

You are responsible for the safety & quality of the package (until it's in the possession of the shipping carrier), so we recommend taking pictures throughout the process - including a photo/video of packing the painting into the package. Although rare, this is to protect you in the case of a dispute.

We understand it is tempting to place promotional items, such as business cards and brochures in the package, and inform the client they can email/text you for future commissions (and bypass MadeMay), but please do not do this. When an order is placed on MadeMay, we offer lots of guarantees to protect you & the client in case something goes wrong.

Receiving payments

We partner with Stripe, a popular payment processor based in San Francisco. MadeMay does not have access to any of your banking information and we do not have access to your personal information (such as Social Security Number, which Stripe may require).

The flow of money:
Customer -> Stripe (2.9%) -> MadeMay -> You

When you accept a commission, payments may take up to 5 business days to be routed automatically to your bank account.

You can view & edit your Stripe information from your MadeMay Account Settings.

In order to register on Stripe (and MadeMay), you must be located (or have a representative) in the countries listed here.


What is MadeMay's background?

Originally headquartered in Washington DC, we are now headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. We launched beta in 2019 and launched publicly August 2020 as "Requiren".

On May 3, 2021, Requiren rebranded & restructured, including a name change to MadeMay.

Read more About Us.

What are the fees?

We collect 0% fees.

There is, however, a markup fee for customers on orders from the request form. For example, if your asking price is $100, you will receive $100, but the customer may pay something like $110. On commissions from your profile, there is no markup fee.

‍When a customer commissions you, you will be notified by email and asked to "Accept" the commission in your Artist Dashboard. Once you accept it, payment is automatically released and you are paid upfront.

There are also price markups on standard commissions.
Note: there is a 2.9% payment processor fee from Stripe on all charges.

Does MadeMay have rights to my artwork?

No. Your artwork is your artwork, and we do not use it for any commercial purposes.

However, we may use the artwork you upload in your MadeMay profile for marketing purposes - such as displaying it on our social media, website pages, or including it a newsletter.

May I communicate with the client when I am commissioned?


Once you accept the a client's commission on your Artist Dashboard, your information is provided to the client and the client's information is provided to you.

We ask that you write to the client confirming that you are beginning the commission.

We also strongly encourage you provide courtesy check-ins with your client to inform them the status of the commission. Even if it's 1 or 2 sentences, we notice clients love to receive progress updates.

What is the price range of MadeMay customers?

As low as $30 and as high as $100,000+.

I got commissioned....but I don't want to accept it?

You may decline the commission.

However, our algorithm prefers to show artists that are likely to fulfill the request.
Because it decreases the user experience, continuously declining (or ignoring) commissions may result in account suspension.

What if the client is unsatisfied?

Cases are reviewed by our team.

In instances of damage, the client is fully refunded. (This is why we recommend providing pictures and videos of the finished product and package).

In instances of poor execution by artist, the client is refunded and the artist's funds are retrieved.

In grey areas, such as "It's good, but I was expecting a bit better", our team manually reviews to determine the outcome.

What about taxes & legal?

In the USA, if you earn above $600 in the year, we are required to send over tax documentation. Because all transactions are done through Stripe, these reports will be provided automatically.

Most of our legal requirements are outlined in the Terms & Conditions, but for instance - we may remove your account as we feel necessary. For example, we frequently send informative emails and newsletters, which often contain important information. Unsubscribing from our informative emails may result in removal because we need our artists to stay informed & aligned.