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Serguei Zlenko

Helsinki, finland

Whether exercising his extraordinary prowess for unusually stirring portraiture, defining the uniquely elegant flavours of ballet, providing the viewer a sense of presence in his chosen landscape or capturing fanciful whims of human imagination with charm and warmth, Serguei Zlenko characteristically delivers scenes of striking depth and passion. The delicate grace of his tunings of detail, the bold fervour of movement apparent in the strokes with which he enunciates the spirit of an implied motional nature in figures at rest and a fierce regard for the attributes and demands of light define the signature traits of style in Zlenko''s paintings. If you would desire to find artistic terrain which weds the respective dispositions of classical and contemporary approach, you will be well served by examination of this work. Zlenko furnishes a cross section of his most familiar focuses of subjects, rendered, as always, with irreproachable commitment, dignity and flair.

Joseandres Diaz

Madrid, Spain

His work reflects the joy that simple pleasures and simple actions of life bring us; these can go from sunbathing or listening to the sound of the rain, to the warmth of a hug; actions that reinforce our humanity and the natural longing for peace and inner joy. Joseandres combines his craft as a visual artist with musical performances, and is an avid researcher of techniques and masters that he likes: "my influences are diverse, they go from classic masters to modern art, but I have found in impressionism a genre I identify with, one which comes natural in my portraits and paintings, as it allows me to express myself through the stroke, the chromatism and the texture that I want to portrait" . The characters in his paintings, therefore, call for the reflection of the observer , submerging them in an introspective, contemplative and often romantic emotional place. Joseandres feels it is important to take life with humour, this is why he also loves painting caricatures.

Warren Keating

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Usa

Born in New Orleans in 1965, Keating's work reflects the culmination of 30 years of painting both the figure and the landscape. He has had numerous solo shows of his paintings in the U.S. and Mexico, has sold hundreds of paintings to collectors around the world and have done dozens of commissions, including a family portrait for top PGA tour pro Matt Kuchar. Keating is currently represented in Santa Fe by ViVO Contemporary. Somewhere on a bridge or a hotel balcony, you will find Keating capturing video of unsuspecting figures walking below. Later, in a studio in Santa Fe, you can find him pouring through frame after frame of the video footage to find the perfect moment of weight shift, swing of the arm or tilt of the head, which he feverishly paint, covering large canvases with thick paint depicting an overhead view of a walking figure in an urban setting. Keating's work helps you to rediscover the beauty and poetry in the everyday.

Alejandro Castanon

San Angelo, texas, USA

Alejandro Castanon is a big believer in following your passion. Castanon did not rediscover his until he was 28. As a kid growing up in Europe, he loved drawing. He could spend hours drawing. As Castanon grew older, he began to understand that the world was bigger than him, much much bigger. "So life has its way of turning what was once very colorful into a grey; monochromatic box. I followed a safe path. Found a sustainable but unfulfilling career in engineering. Don't get me wrong it was great but it didn't make me happy. Life listens to your heart when its sad and gives you signs to help you but if you are not open to receiving those signs you will never see them. I saw mine and took a leap faith. What I discovered at 28 years old was that the world we contribute to is colored by our intentions, actions, and beliefs. I began to draw again and with the help of a mentor I began to paint. What I discovered besides a hidden and dormant talent was that we are here to enjoy the vibrancy that life gives us every day."

Mitch Davis-Mann

Dundas, Ontario, Canada

From a young age, Mitch has been creating art through every possible medium he could get his hands on. Mitch is a self taught artist who is disciplined in most mediums. In his short career, Mitch has exhibited in a legislative parliament building and galleries in Toronto, a museum in Ancaster, sold work at an annual auction in Dundas, and won a few awards including a best in show 201D. Mitch was successful at jury for the Federation of Canadian Artists and is now an Active Member. Mitchs work ranges from soft pastel paintings that depict frozen surreal landscapes to oil paintings that create a delicate balance between abstraction and realism. In his portraits there is a very raw unfiltered emotion, which often touch on environmental issues. Mitch strives to become a painter of all things so he is constantly evolving and always creating beyond his comfort zone. Light and shadows are his biggest inspiration, no matter what subject.

Corne Akkers

The Hague, Netherlands

Corne Akkers was not always a professional artist but was into drawing and painting for his entire life. However, he did not fancy the gallery truck system and pursued a business carreer instead. Akkers became a lawyer but felt out of place, like a whale among fish.  "I devote my life to the search for the boundaries of aesthetics, mostly in cubistic and surrealist ways. My personal cubist style, called roundism, evolved from cubism (but not the multi-perspectivism by Picasso) and the love for atmospheric depth and clairobscur artworks by the old masters. As an artist my motto is one thing in another and that is what I try to see and want to evoke in the eye of the beholder."

Christopher Roche

Mesa, Arizona, usa

Christopher Roche works in pastel on paper and acrylic on canvas. His work is a loose yet realistic style, with powerful color. Roche's subjects are every day life scenes, figures, Americana, and sports. He graduated from California State University Long Beach with a BFA degree in 1985. Roche has exhibited in juried shows, galleries, and museums, primarily California and Arizona.