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Kevin Saunders
San Antonio, Texas
People need to create a record of their legacy. As a master portrait artist, I've learned to "see" and have a gift that allows me to capture an emotion in a portrait that tells a story. Critics say that I'm a once-in-a-generation artist creating one in a million portraits...
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Serguei Zlenko
Helsinki, Finland
$1,000 - $10,000
Whether exercising his extraordinary prowess for unusually stirring portraiture, Serguei Zlenko characteristically delivers scenes of striking depth & passion. During his artistic career Serguei Zlenko completed over 100 corporate commission portraits and over 250 private commission portraits.
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Lauren Eddy
Batavia, New York
$50 - $300
Hi! I am a senior BFA student and a mom of 2. I have been painting for 10 years now and 1 year digitally. My biggest inspiration is Frida and I often try to create a strong emotional connection in my work like her. I'd love to create that piece you are looking for.
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Grace Han
Sydney, Australia
$250 - $5,000
Hello! I am an independent artist currently studying in New York. Painting is something which gives me so much joy and meaning in life. I try to paint as sincerely as I can with vitality and color...
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Rachelle Garneau
Clifton Park, New York
$115 - $400
I have studied art in undergrad, and I obtained an MA in art education from NYU, and I am a certified art teacher! I love to capture memories that will stay encapsulated on a canvas forever. I have a few mediums to chose a commission from: Acrylic or oil paint on canvas, watercolor on paper, or digital paintings. My acrylic/ oil paintings are all painted on finished canvases. My watercolor paintings will be on nice quality watercolor paper, and my digital paintings will be printed and mailed. I would love to work with you to create a painting you or a loved one will cherish for a long time! <3
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Harry Scribbles
Schererville, Indiana
$50 - $500
I am a freelance artist from Indiana specializing in a wide variety of art styles and mediums ranging from realistic, black-and-grey portraits to color illustrations...
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Adam Tokar
Lakewood, Ohio
$100 - $1,000
Adam Tokar is a Colored Pencil artist living in the Cleveland OH area. All artwork is done using high quality archival materials. The work is produced on color Canson paper. He will work with you to pick the best color for your composition. The colored pencil is applied in layers from light to dark colors to create depth. All artwork is finished with a fixative spray to protect the work.
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Maria Mikulska
Krakow, Poland
$50 - $1,500
I have advanced skills in drawing and painting acquired during 15 years of practice. I paint with oils on canvas and gouache on paper.
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Emily Tjomsland
Windsor, Missouri
$500 - $9,999
Hi there friends, I'm a classically trained artist that incorporates digital mediums into my art. I have a BFA degree from the University of Utah, but most of my education comes from my enjoyment of analysis. I love analyzing the faces and materials in my environment. I enjoy employing and have practice with many mediums and forms of art, but my greatest art passion lies with my drawing. This is why I love using a stylus, it allows me to draw with paint...
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