14 Unique & Personalized Gift Ideas (from independent artists & artisans)

February 18, 2022

If you're like me, the process of buying gifts for someone you love is an overwhelming process. It's sort of like finding a movie to watch on Netflix - often picking the right movie takes more time than actually watching that movie. The worst part (and for some - the best part) is that it's a recurring event. Year after year, you need to find new & fresh gifts for your parents, siblings, wife or husband, children, boyfriend or girlfriend, in-laws, and the list goes on.

You want something unique & meaningful. Something one-of-a-kind for that person or pet that's truly one-of-a-kind.

You want something that will light up someone's eye, touch their heart, put on a smile on their face, or shed a tear of joy.

At the end of the day, you want to give a gift that shows you truly care.

We are big believers in celebrating the special moments in life, which is why our team put together a list of 14 unique gift ideas for thoughtful people like you.

Each gift idea is truly unique, personalized, and custom-made for a real person.

In other words, no bogus automated, cheap, and mass-produced stuff - get something unique & 100% original instead!

Unique Gift Idea #1: Custom Sculptures & Statutes

We're kicking off the list with something BIG - custom-made sculptures hand-crafted by a sculptor. That's right, you can hire a professional sculptor online to create a museum-quality sculpture of anyone. Whether you want a mini, bust, or a full-sized sculpture, it's as easy as submitting a few photos and describing how you want it done.

Since it can get pricey, commissioning a sculpture is typically gifted to commemorate someone's legacy.

Average Price: $700 - $5,000+

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 2 months

Where To Get It: MadeMay

Unique Gift Idea #2: Personalized Bobbleheads

Like sculptures, bobbleheads are guaranteed to amaze - and are a bit more affordable. Who doesn't want a bobblehead of themselves as a gift? Simply submit a photo of someone and get it turned into a real bobblehead! Plus, since bobbleheads are small & portable, they conveniently fit just about anywhere.

Average Price: $49 - $189

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 3 - 6 weeks

Where To Get It: Whoopass Enterprises

Unique Gift Idea #3: Customized Pet Socks

If you want to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by giving a gift that serves 2 purposes at once - keeping warm and creating a smile - do it in style with socks that have your fluffy friend's face on it. A perfect gift for a pet lover, custom pet socks from your photo makes a terrific gift! (And yes, you also choose to get a person's face on the socks - how neat!)

Average Price: $24

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 1 week

Where To Get It: DivvyUp

Unique Gift Idea #4: Custom-made Candles

If you want a certain scent created for someone's favorite smells, such as a mixture of fresh roses and amaretto vanilla into a single candle blend, you can get it created by candlemaker! You can imprint a meaningful note or message; plus choose a size, wax color, and candle type.

Average Price: $40

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 10 days

Where To Get It: TheLittleMarket

Unique Gift Idea #5: Custom Paintings, Drawings, & Artwork

We might be a little biased since our platform is the #1 place to request & order custom-made art from professional artists - but is there anything more personable and unique than a custom portrait painting of someone you love? Throughout centuries, people have commissioned artwork and portraits as the perfect gift to someone they appreciate or love. If you are looking for the best gift that increases in value throughout the years - look no further than a custom-made portrait painting.

Average Prices: 

$75 - $400 (physical artwork)

$15 - $100 (digital artwork)

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 2 weeks

Where To Get It: MadeMay

Unique Gift Idea #6: Personalized Books

People love stories. But do you know what people love even more? Stories that are written about them! Whether you want to read your child a nighttime bed story of how they will soon be a big brother, or create an adventure story for your children, a custom-made book creates an everlasting memory that creates a bond never to be forgotten!

Average Price: $27

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 8 days

Where To Get It: Librio

Unique Gift Idea #7: Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

We like this one because people won't know how unique the gift actually is...until the puzzle has been completed! This is especially a great gift for children who love games. Have fun as a family putting together a personalized jigsaw puzzle from your photo and watch it come to life. Like all things on this list, it's guaranteed to create a joyful reaction...especially once it's complete.

Average Price: $30 - $75

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 8 days

Where To Get It: Playing Card Factory

Unique Gift Idea #8: Custom-made Cutting Boards

If you are looking for the best gift for someone who loves to cook, a personalized cutting board to keep in the kitchen will brighten up any chef's meal prep. Plus, it's sure to impress guests if you're passing around a cheese board! Cut out of wood, you can get a family name or anything else that comes carved on the cutting board. (Nobody will know if they cry because of the chopped onions, or because they love the board so much!)

Average Price: $75 - $160

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 9 days

Where To Get It: Words with Boards

Unique Gift Idea #9: Personalized 3D Crystal

Next on the list is a creative gift most people have never seen before. Surprise your friends, family, and coworkers with the gift of a glass or crystal embedded with a special photo in stunning 3D. Personalized photo glass artwork is made using laser technology and will definitely impress anyone you give this to! If someone is into innovative tech, they will love this gift!

Average Price: $65 - $300

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 1 week

Where To Get It: Crystal Clear Memories

Unique Gift Idea #10: Customized Playing Cards

If you're looking to enhance someone's next game night or poker session, do it with customized playing cards. It's definitely a unique way to add some spice into an average activity. With each hand, everyone will be reminded of whatever you decide to place on the cards - so be creative and make it count!

Average Price: $25

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 8 days

Where To Get It: The Playing Card Factory

Unique Gift Idea #11: Personalized Posters

Sure, someone can plaster their favorite movie posters around their walls, but how about the movie of someone's own life? This cool gift lets you pick the genre, theme, style, image, and texts for an amazing cinematic film poster. Show the star of your life that they really are the (movie) star of your life!

Average Price: $19

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 1 week

Where To Get It: Poster Burner

Unique Gift Idea #12: Custom-made Pillows with Photos

Like custom socks earlier on this list, you can turn any photo or idea into....well, a pillow. Aside from being able to cuddle with a plush & fluffy version of oneself or ones creation (such as Beatrice's "Winged Vegetarian Greenosaur" below), it's a cool & funny gift that will impress just about anyone you show it too - how neat!

Average Price: $30

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 1 week

Where To Get It: Budsies

Unique Gift Idea #13: Engraved Coffee Mugs

Most people start their day off with a cup of coffee, so if you something to remind someone of something each morning, go for a custom-made coffee cup or mug. Add a funny message, a loving note, or a meaningful picture, and the recipient of your gift will have a smile on their face with each sip!

Average Price: $15

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 5 days

Where To Get It: Quality Glass Engraving

Unique Gift Idea #14: Custom-made Engraved Silverware

Enjoy each bite with a spoon or fork engraved with a cute and meaningful message. Engrave your family's initials, a proverb or message, design, or image into any silverware, flatware, china, or dinnerware for a truly creative & personalized gift.

Average Price: $70+

Avg. Time from Order to Delivery: 1 - 3 weeks

Where To Get It: The Luxury Art Mepra