17 things to do instead of Black Friday shopping

November 21, 2021

In a world of hyper-consumerism, we are rejecting the chaos & turbulence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We are joining hundreds of companies & millions of people to use this day to focus on what matters most - and we encourage you to do the same.

Choosing to boycott Black Friday was an easy choice for us. At its core, MadeMay is all about reviving the human touch and connecting people. With everything going on in the world, it sometimes feels like people have lost the element of love. Instead of mass production, we choose to be a place to get something made by a real person, for a real person.

Instead of shopping this week, we created a list below of things you can do. We hope our ideas inspire you to grow your inner love, happiness, and peace.

#1 - Spend quality time with your friends & family

#2 - Visit a museum, zoo, or national park

#3 - Eat Thanksgiving leftovers

#4 - Volunteer at a homeless shelter

#5 - Call a loved one to tell them you love them

#6 - Read a book or write something

#7 - Create art & crafts

#8 - Have a game night

#9 - Get closer to God

#10 - Go to a park

#11 - Sleep, relax, & take it easy

#12 - Go apple picking

#13 - Take a yoga class & meditate

#14 - Clean your home

#15 - Exercise & go to the gym

#16 - Pull out a cookbook and try a new recipe

#17 - Hike a mountain