5 Incredible Customized and Handmade Gift Ideas in 2021

May 14, 2021

When you give someone a gift, it means they're special enough for you to take some time to think about what gift would be good enough for them to feel appreciated and loved.

Since everyone deserves something as unique as they are, getting a customized, personalized, and handmade gift is definitely a great way to present something unique & special for that someone dear to you.

We present a list of 5 incredibly custom & handmade gift ideas for you to consider next time you're looking for the perfect & unique gift.

Custom Star Night Poster

Ever wondered how the stars aligned the night you met your significant other, the day you had your child, the day you got married, or any other special & meaningful day to you? You can easily design your very own star map poster by entering the date and location of any special milestone to reveal exactly how glorious the night sky looked at that given moment. If you are looking for a unique way to express your love, shoot for the stars when designing your very own star map poster to make it as sincere and personal as possible.

Personalized Night Star Poster

Where to get it:

Average delivery time: 4 days

Price range: $30 - $70

Paint by the Numbers

If you prefer to be the master of your own artistic masterpiece, you can get a custom "paint by numbers" painting from your photo by Paintable Pictures. The process is simple: choose a size and upload any photo. Within several days, a blank canvas with an outline design & numbers will arrive along with the painting kit. Fill in the numbers with the associated color, and watch the canvas come to life! Not only will the result be an amazing painting of your favorite photo, but the process of creating your own artwork is incredibly fun and makes a super fun family activity, a great date night activity, or simply a relaxing & therapeutic activity for yourself.

Personalized Paint by Numbers

Where to get it:

Average delivery time: 3 Days

Price range: $55 - $109

Personalized Wine Labels

Who doesn't love a glass of wine to drink with someone special on a special occasion? A great gift, a great experience shared together. However, if you are looking to take the ordinary to extraordinary, get your wine label personalized with a custom label! Northwest Cellars has made the process of creating your custom wine label easy and fun. You can design your own, or work with their amazing wine label design team!

Personalized Wine Labels

Where to get it:

Average delivery time: 5 days

Price range: $16 - $45 per bottle, plus a one-time $85 design fee

Custom Cutting Board

Like a handwritten note, giving a beautifully personalized hardwood cutting board leaves a lasting impression. Made in the USA and with heirloom-quality, everything is completely customizable; with options to personalized both sides of the board with text & engraving (including logos), as well as the ability to choose the wood type, design, and more. Whether the board is used to chop food or serve cheese, the person will be reminded each time of your unique & thoughtful gift.

Personalized Cutting Boards

Where to get it:

Average delivery time: 7 days

Price range: $45 - $295

Personalized Painting from Photo

Commission an independent artist to turn your favorite photo into a masterpiece painting. On the MadeMay marketplace, you get matched with the right artist for your specific request & needs. Start a request, answer a few questions, upload your photo, and pick your favorite to create your soon-to-be masterpiece!

Personalized Portrait Paintings

Where to get it:

Average delivery time: 7 days

Price range: $70 - $400+