7 incredibly unique handmade gifts for the thoughtful gift-giver

August 14, 2021

Like many thoughtful people, whenever I travel or vacation, I'm always looking out for the unique goods in shops and city centers. The mass-produced shot glasses or t-shirts from CVS of a city's name ain't gonna cut it. Instead, I want something with passion & love behind any product. The local goods, often uniquely handmade, are often limited in availability. However, the impact is tremendously more meaningful - especially when I'm looking to give a meaningful gift to someone special to me. As a bonus, it makes me feel good knowing I'm supporting an individual or small business shop.

At MadeMay, we're all about the special & memorable moments in life, which is why we put together this gift guide to provide the thoughtful gift-giver a unique selection of handmade gifts that mimics the feeling of finding that perfectly unique, handmade good from a local artisan shop.

#1 - Handmade quilts by Old Country Store Quilts

A third of our lives are spent sleeping cozily in bed, and encompassing oneself during slumber in a handmade, one-of-a-kind quilt emanates the kind of warmth we all cherish. So why not wrap yourself, or someone special to you, in a quilt that is the embodiment of something made with love? Old Country Store Quilts, based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, offers incredibly unique handmade quilts guaranteed to serve as family heirlooms for years to come. Tip: if you're looking for a specialized customization, ask for a custom fabric label for the backside of the quilt. Your sentiments or the commemorative details of the quilt are easily added to the quilt, making it a true keepsake. Not only are the quilts aesthetically beautiful, but they are tremendously practical so you can't go wrong!

Where to get it: Old Country Store Quilts

Price range: $295 - $1295

#2 - Custom Paint-by-Number by PaintablePictures

Creating artwork is such a classic pastime, as demonstrated by kids spending their days drawing with markers, paints, and pencils. Discovering your creative spirit and providing you a sense of therapeutic relaxation, "paint-by-numbers" allows you to use colors to free of yourself of the daily stress life brings. Upload any photo, and choose a painting kit for adults and enter into the world of creativity (even if you have never even created a stick figure). With the beginners painting kits for adults presented by PaintablePictures, anyone can create masterpieces! Adult paint by number kits are a great gift to any person you know. There are so many kinds and themes of pictures that Paint by Numbers offers that you will surely find the image touching the strings of anyone’s heart.

Where to get it: PaintablePictures

Price range: $70

#3 - Handmade soap by Conscious Soap

Conscious Soap’s mission is to make the highest quality handmade soap, using only organic, vegan, and fair trade ingredients utilizing the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils. Conscious Soap is also a reminder that every thought, word, and action impacts those around us and our planet - no matter how small. They believe filling our lives with as many reminders as possible will help us all on our collective journeys to higher consciousness. Conscious Soap proudly sources its shea butter from a Community Certified Fair Trade resource to ensure the women making the shea butter are paid and treated fairly.

Where to get it: Conscious Soap

Price range: $12 - $24

#4 - Custom artwork by independent artists

If you don't feel like creating your own artwork like #2 on our list, here's your chance to still get an amazing art masterpiece, 100% handmade and custom-made for you. On MadeMay, choose from 500+ professional, independent artists to turn your photo (or idea) into a real painting on canvas. Throughout centuries, people have commissioned artwork and portraits as the perfect gift to someone they appreciate or love. If you are looking for the best gift that increases in value throughout the years - look no further than a custom-made portrait painting.

Where to get it: MadeMay

Price range: $50 - $2,000

#5 - Custom clothing by Pondthreads

Fast Fashion can be sustainable. POND Threads focuses on offering premium, custom-made apparel on-demand. All materials are sourced from the best fabric providers worldwide. The product categories POND Threads Mfg. excels in: Athleisure, Beachwear, Resortwear, Sportswear, Performance Swimwear, Polyester based Fleeces. At POND Threads we utilize sustainable eco-friendly printing and production processes. All products are made in the US. Because clothing is manufactured only after it has been purchased, the environmental impact is substantially lower purely based around not having bad inventory.

Where to get it: PondThreads

Price range: $20 - $200

#6 - Custom engraved 3D crystals by The3DGift

Pictures can instantly bring you back to a special moment in life. Custom engraved 3D crystals from your photo bring those moments worth remembering to you in a very special way.  The3DGift eternalizes your favorite pictures by subsurface engraving them into an optical quality crystal. The finished product is so exceptionally brilliant it is mesmerizing. Simply provide your favorite photo and they will capture each smile or look into a piece to be treasured.

Where to get it: The 3D Gift

Price range: $79 - $200

#7 - Handmade & hand-curated care packages by Operation Gratitude

Lastly, we present you something a little different - a gift not for you or someone you know, but a package for someone you don't know: a care package for soldiers overseas. Each care package Operation Gratitude sends includes handmade items carefully crafted by a team of talented volunteers spread across the country. Whether it's a scarf, hat, cool tie, or drawstring bag, these items are a tangible way for volunteers to express their thanks and appreciation to service men and women for their dedication and sacrifice. In addition, Operation Gratitude Care Packages also include snacks, hygiene and personal care products, entertainment items, and handwritten letters written by grateful Americans.

Where to get it: Operation Gratitude

Price range: $15