A Brief Overview of MadeMay Custom Art Options

May 13, 2021

By Garrett Garberich


Commissioning a portrait allows you to commemorate someone you love in your life, or show some love for yourself! At, your stunning selfie can be transformed into a work of art. Choose between a wide variety of artistic styles from hundreds of our talented artists and determine which artist’s style appeals to your vision. Family portraits can be a great addition to any household or make a fantastic gift that your parents will love. In the Renaissance Era, portraits held particular weight and acted as symbols of wealth, power, and history. In fact, many portraits were commissioned by aristocratic bachelors in order to capture the beauty of their female suitors before asking for their hands in marriage, kind of like the 16th century version of Tinder. Custom portraits can be a great way to show that special someone that your love is unconditional or act as a modern family heirloom. The possibilities are endless. 


Historically, pets often were used as props and symbols of wealth in portraits, but that is not the case today. Your furry friend deserves to be celebrated! Whether it be to memorialize a pet or to welcome a new member into the family, a custom piece of artwork celebrating your animal companion is always worthwhile. The customizations are limitless, whether you want a realistic depiction of your pet, or a more colorful pop art rendering, the artists at MadeMay are dedicated to realizing your ideas. 


We often hear people tell us when we are anxious or stressed to “imagine yourself in your favorite place in the whole world.” Well now you don’t have to imagine! With custom paintings of scenic landscapes, you can bring any location into your home or workspace. Whether you want to commemorate your hometown, a favorite vacation destination, or the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen, MadeMay can bring that everlasting view to you through a masterful painting. You can order a large sweeping scenic landscape for your family room, a small image for your desk at work or even both. Landscape paintings can provide a sense of escapism and have even been shown to provide positive mental health benefits, so don’t wait and commission a custom landscape painting today!