3 best candlemakers that make custom scented candles

June 22, 2022

#1 - Natasha Diodata

Location: Denver, Colorado

Artist type: Candlemaker

100% Vegan Soy Candles | Unique Premium Fragrance | Up to 70+ Hours of Burn Time Hi! I am Natasha. In 2016 I was gifted a handmade candle from a friend, and quickly became obsessed with making my own. I started out small, with just a little Etsy shop before opening my own website. The demand for my candles grew, as well as my collection of scent options. After 6 years in business we have sold nearly 100,000 candles, with over 350 different unique scents and still growing. Some would say I have an addiction, making new candles all the time, but it's a passion that I am happy to be obsessed. Luckily I married a guy who loves to work all day and night like myself. So while I am crafting that perfect scent, he's doing all the labor intensive work so I can focus on the fun stuff. Teamwork makes the dream work, people. Since my passion is to make new scents, naturally I love to help people create their scented vision. Nothing unlocks memories faster than sense of smell, so consider us your key to the past. We hope you love any candle you get from us, and I am excited to make your custom creation! Orders are made within 48 hours of purchase and are shipped priority USPS. Please allow candles 10 days to cure from the date they are poured - a date sticker will be included with your purchase.

#2 - Glenda La Rue

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Artist type: Candlemaker

I specialize in creating custom-scented vegan, phthalate-free soy candles made with premium fragrance oils that are true-to-scent. Of all the five senses, your sense of smell is the one that is most tied to memories, and I love being able to craft unique blends for life's moments. In 2015, I started a custom candle company part-time and grew it in 2018 to my full-time endeavor. I have craft thousands of candles during this time and would be honored to work with you on your custom scent. Our pricing is for an 11 oz candle in an elegant frosted candle vessel and is inclusive of a personalized label, if desired. Please check out our portfolio for examples of custom candles done for other clients.

#3 - Maddox Rose

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Artist type: Candlemaker

Custom candles - created by you! You will usually find us in the store, but if not we’re home with our rugrats or working on our event & interior design company, Maddox & Rose. Our kids inspire us everyday to work hard and do what we love. And we love to create. Whether it is a candle, an installation for an event, or a new space in your home, we’re absolutely obsessed with coming up with unique ideas to inspire others. So when you come in to M&R say hi and let us know what inspires you!