Commission Nude Art | Custom nude painting by expert artist

April 26, 2022

The pure & absolute form of the human body - the nude - often alludes to the embodiment of beauty, peace, high morality, and fertility.

Celebrating the nude expression has deep roots in ancient Greece, where men competed in athletic games in the nude; consequently, nudity became associated with strength, triumph, & power. For women, celebrating the nude dates as far back during the Mesopotamian era where unrobed women were symbols of fertility and love.

Throughout the past 2,000 years, patrons have commissioned (hired) artists to create nude portrait paintings, primarily of women.

Historic overview of the nude portrait

  • During the Middle Ages, creating nudity art was exclusively reserved for religious depictions. The Church commissioned several artworks depicting nudity, but drawing, painting, or sculpting the nude outside of the realm of scripture was considered sinful.
  • In 1485, Boticelli created a painting including a naked female body, “The Birth of Venus”. Although it maintains modesty, he was the first artist to paint a female nude for no religious reason. It was around this time, the Renaissance, that nudity became more accepted within certain circles of society.
  • By the 17th century, nudity freed itself from the restraints of religious depictions. In 1770, Jean-Honoré Fragonard painted “The Shirt Removed” of a naked woman lying down as a servant removed her blouse.
  • The highly-controversial “The Origin of the World” by Gustave Courbet, depicting an up-close view of a woman’s vulva, caused a stir when it was exhibited in Paris in 1866.
  • One of the most famous paintings of all time, “Olympia” by Edouard Manet, depicts a strongly individualized and provocative prostitute, staring at the viewer with a gazing indifference.
  • In 1960, Tom Wesselmann revealed the “Great American Nude 7”, which became an erotic icon, emblematic of the provocative and depersonalized 1960s.

Commissioning a nude portrait

There are various reasons someone may want to commission or hire an artist to create a nude painting of someone. No matter the reason, commissioning nude artwork is often a personal & intimate experience.

How to commission an artist for a nude painting:

  1. Search for artists who are available for custom art commissions
  2. Pick an artist whose style you like and with the appropriate experience level
  3. Send a message asking if they are OK with nude requests
  1. Note: Most artists do not publicly advertise that they are open for nude commissions, so please be courteous to the artist and do not provide the photos until the artist has responded positively
  1. Provide the artist with the appropriate material, which will often includes photos of the desired subject(s)
  2. If you choose an artist on MadeMay, you will communicate directly with the artist, who will also provide you progress updates as the painting comes to life
  3. Within several weeks, your painting will be completed, finished, & shipped to you - enjoy!

Artists on MadeMay can create just about any request, including traditional (physical) portrait paintings of nudes, as well as digital nude paintings. Some artists also provide the option for a “sit in”, where the subject will arrive in the artists’ studio to be painted (instead of turning the nude photos into a painting). If you need help finding an artist, contact us and we will help assign you an artist.

Given the nature of the subject, transmit the photographs safely & securely. The artist (nor MadeMay) is not responsible for any damages that might result from the commission (i.e. such as leaked photographs). If you need tips/help on how to transfer photos safely, contact us and we will happily assist.

Ideas for your nude custom art request:

  • A realistic nude painting from a photo
  • A realistic nude painting from a photo with modifications
  • A semi-realistic nude painting that partially identifies the true subject & partially conceals the subjects
  • A quasi-abstract nude painting (such as a line drawing nude) that hides the true subject, but alludes to the subject via symbolic messages
  • An abstract nude, where the viewer would have no hint of who the true subject is
  • Get a clothed version and nude version, as depicted by Goya's "La maja desnuda" below