How businesses can go viral using art

September 20, 2021

Behind most "organic" viral sensations are a team of clever marketings and public relations professionals. The best growth hacks and viral phenomenas appear as if they are effortlessly driven by the natural behaviors of customers, users, and guests; however, this is rarely the case. While businesses can go viral accidentally or without intentional "design", any business owner or manager knows that getting customers to create buzz & spread the word on their own is challenging - it is hard to go viral through the actions of customers.

Of course, the obvious answer is implementing a well-thought-out design or plan that organically & subconsciously guides customers to promoting your product, store, brand, idea, business, and so forth, without the customer even recognizing the promotion.

Implementing authentic, peer-to-peer marketing is ideal because it costs nothing for a business and it has the greatest impact on revenue since consumers typically trust natural & genuine recommendations from a localized source, such as a friend or family member, and not a business that brags about itself at every chance it gets.

So what can businesses like restaurants, pet grooming shops, and barber shops do to boost their presence and naturally go viral with limited effort and minimal cost?

As the sayign goes, "There are many ways of skin a cat." However, here is an answer we have seen with repeated success: one-of-a-kind, custom artwork made specifically for your business.

As you can imagine, a big inclination is that customers will pull out their phones and snap a picture of the incredible artwork. What do people do with photos? They show others! Bada bing, bada boom - your customers are now helping you go viral.

Custom painting for a barber shop which includes celebrity clients

Why is custom artwork so impactful? You want to give customers something to talk about. When they walk into your store, you want something that captures their attention and not hang something on the wall so ordinary that they already expect it. For example, nobody will pay much attention to a bland contemporary poster with low relevance. However, if you can use art to captivate their mind and hearts, the game changes entirely.

In essence, this is the beauty of art - it invokes an emotional response. Humor, calmness, inspiration, and the list goes on and on. If you are not using artwork properly for your business, you are missing a massive opportunity.

Here are some of our favorite examples:

Funny custom painting of "King of the Hill" characters outside a restaurant

Custom painting of a restaurant's best-selling food item - make 'em salivate!

Custom painting of a bar's exterior (placed inside) - neat!

Custom painting for a pet shop - aww!

With customization, the opportunities to go viral are endless.

Our professional artists will create something to make people laugh, cry, smile, or react with a "Wow! I gotta take a picture and share this!"

Need help thinking of ideas to go viral using art? Contact us and our team can help (100% complimentary).