How to Commission a Sculpture from an Expert Sculptor | Sculpture, Statues, & More Artwork

April 22, 2022

Pablo Picasso said, "Sculpture is the art of intelligence."

Like a custom-made portrait painting, hiring a sculptor to create a sculpture of any kind - whether marble sculptures, metal sculptures, wooden sculptures, bronze sculptures, iron sculptures, and steel sculptures - is guaranteed to leave an everlasting legacy that truly captures of the spirit of the subject in a meaningful and honorable way.

Throughout centuries, the pinnacle of ensuring a lasting legacy has been to commission a sculptor to imbue the essence of someone in an artwork of stone (or other material). In fact, it is difficult to conceive a prominent or notable person in history who has not had a sculpture created of them.

Statues are not only confined to humans - people have requested sculptures of animals, buildings, plants, non-figurative items, and whatever the mind desires. Like paintings, artists specializing in sculpture can turn any vision into reality.

Of course, the process of getting a custom-made sculpture or statue is difficult. You may ask questions such as:

  • Where do I find a professional sculpture to hire?
  • How will I know it turns out good?
  • How long does it take to get a custom sculpture?
  • Is it possible to turn a photo into a sculpture?
  • How much does it cost to commission a sculpture or statue?
  • How is a sculpture shipped?

Whether you want a sculpture of someone, yourself, your dog, or anything meaningful to you, MadeMay makes it easy to order a custom-made sculptures from top-rated & independent artists.

Step #1 - Reviewing Your Request

Getting a custom sculpture is not an everyday purchase - we know exactly how important it is to you. You can start a request by visiting our Sculpture page.

Our team carefully reviews & understands your request and objectives. For instance, you have the option of submitting photos or you can do an in-person "sit-in". You have the option for an audio or video call with our friendly team. Once we have the details right, we will provide you a selection of top-rated, professional sculptors to choose from.

Step #2 - Selecting Your Sculptor

Our network of sculptors are top-rated, vetted, and experts. Of course, different sculptors have different styles - you pick the one(s) you like the best.

Since each request is different, the price of a sculpture varies on your actual request. So after making a selection, our team will work with the sculptors to get you quotes. Because we act as an intermediary, you can rest assured you get fair pricing each time from any sculptor you choose.

For reference, mini sculptures start at $500 and anything larger, including sculpture busts and life-sized sculptures & statues, start at $5,000.

At this step, we will be able to tell you: pricing, how long it will take for the sculpture to be completed, how the process looks like, shipping information, terms for a satisfaction guarantee, and answer any other questions you may have.

Tip: You may also request the option for your sculptor to record the sculpture-making process so you can see a time-lapse video of it coming into life.

Step #3 - Starting with a miniature, clay model

First, a miniature clay model will be created so you can approve the details, pose, and "feel" of the sculpture before the actual sculpture is made. A small deposit here is required before the sculptor can get started.

There is often frequent dialogue during this step between the client and artist to make sure that the artist is accurately creating what the client requests.

Once the mini clay model is finished, the client has the option to proceed with the real thing based on the small model.

Step #4 - Payment

After the details are in order and you have made a selection, we ask for 25% payment upfront. Another 25% is paid at halfway completion. The remaining 50% is paid upon delivery. Shipping is paid separately.

Step #5 - Sculpting Begins

At this point, your sculptor has everything they need and will begin crafting your soon-to-be masterpiece.

Throughout the process, the sculptor will provide progress reports & updates.

You may also request reasonable revisions and requests while the sculpture is being worked on.

Once complete, the sculptor applies his or her finishing touches and asks for confirmation before shipping.

Step #6 - Packaging & Shipment

Since our sculptors are professionals, they do a terrific job in packaging the sculpture in a way to ensure safe arrival from A to Z.

The shipping process varies by the size of the sculpture, the "essence" (often the fragility) of the sculpture, as well as the to/from locations.

Each package is insured. The sculpture is delivered directly to the requested location, with a signature required for drop-off.

Step #7 - Enjoy!

Whatever you requested a sculpture of, we are confident you & others will admire and love it!

With your sculpture may come instructions & recommendations on keeping the sculpture safe and long-lasting.

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Looking for inspiration? You can get custom sculptures to/for:

  • In memory of a loved one
  • to honor our military
  • inspirational figures for schools, colleges, libraries and churches
  • your spouse, parents or children
  • unique gift
  • corporate founders or club leaders
  • award for service or accomplishment
  • personalize your home or garden with your own unique art
  • celebrate an anniversary or special life event