How to commission an artist for a custom pet portrait

February 18, 2022

Custom Pet Portraits Are Perfect for Commemorating Your Favorite Four-Legged Friends

What would we do without our beloved pets? For many people, life just wouldn’t be the same without their beloved four-legged friend. 

Whether your Bernese Mountain Dog is your go-to hiking partner or your Quarter Horse has been your beloved companion since you were young, your pet plays an important role in your life. What better way to cherish your time with them than commissioning a custom portrait? Custom pet portraits are fun and unique decorations for any house. Find out how you can commission one for you and your pet now. 

Process for Commissioning a Pet Portrait

Learn what goes into commissioning custom pet portraits

The process for commissioning a pet portrait will vary depending on what platform you use. Some people might ask a friend to paint their dog or research different artists on Google. Most artists will have you submit a photo of your pet to them rather than painting them in-person. Some will even ask you about your pet’s personality so they can accurately portray it in the piece. 

Researching different artists can be tough. While you can certainly search for fine artists on Etsy or eBay, this can become time-consuming and tedious. MadeMay streamlines this process by matching you with artists that can accurately accompany your vision and budget. 

1. Submit a Request

Starting is easy and takes only 30 seconds. You just need to submit a simple request for a pet portrait. As you fill out your request, you can specify what you need to be painted, how large you want the portrait to be, how many subjects will be in the painting, and anything else you want the artist to know. In general, you will need to fill this information out no matter what company you choose to find a portrait artist through. 

2. Find Matches

After you submit your request, you will instantly be matched with compatible artists. You can find a number of artists with different prices and styles that align with your goals. When it comes to choosing an artist, you should take their past samples into consideration to see what mediums they prefer to use, their style of painting, and their overall creative process. 

3. Pick an Artist You Like Best

Once you find an artist that matches your vision and budget, you can submit an official request to them to start working on your portrait. After they receive your request, they will begin to paint the custom masterpiece of your pet! Sometimes, the artist will reach out to you to clarify any details or questions they might have. 

4. Receive the Painting!

Now, you can rest and relax until your painting is ready to ship. Once the artist has finished the painting, they will begin to dry and varnish it. This helps the painting stay durable and prevent any damage or decay in the future. When it’s ready, the artist will package your painting and sent it to you. 

Advice and Tips for the Portrait Process

Custom pet portraits will vary in terms of price and quality

Costs for Commissioning a Pet Portrait

The cost of your portrait will vary depending on your unique needs. For instance, the larger the canvas you want, the more expensive it will be. The type of material you request may also factor into the price. You don’t have to request your portrait on a regular canvas. Everything from a handbag to a large rock can be printed with your pet’s portrait. 

The number of subjects in your painting will also influence the end price. Photos with a large amount of subjects and some background items tend to cost more than a portrait of a single pet with a blank background. The artist’s experience will also factor into the price. 

Tips for Submitting a Proper Photograph

To help the artist create a realistic portrait of your pet, you need to send them a high-quality photo of your pet. You don’t need a professional camera to pull this off, as most iPhones and Androids take gorgeous pictures. Just make sure you follow these tips during your mini photoshoot with your pet:

  • Take a photo of your pet in natural lighting rather than relying on flash, as it can flatten out the photo and even give them red eye
  • Capture your pet at eye level from about four feet away for a flattering angle
  • Make sure you can see both eyes in the portrait
  • Either fill up the frame with your pet or take a shot that includes his head and chest for a bust shot

Different Types of Pet Portraits You Can Choose

Custom pet portraits come in a number of different styles

Are you ready to commission a portrait of your favorite pet? MadeMay has helped pet owners find the perfect artists to capture their beloved animals. Start your request today to receive a gorgeous portrait of your pet that you can cherish forever.