How to Commission Art in 5 Different Ways

June 17, 2021

Although you can turn your photo into a painting by hiring a real artist on MadeMay, there are several more fun & creative ways to commission art on our platform. In this list, we'll show you 5 ways on how you can commission an artist!

#1 - Interior Design | Commission Abstract Art

Any expert will tell you that the best art you can have is original art. That is, artwork that was made by-hand and not replicated or printed thousands of times by a machine. The purpose of decorating your home, living space, office, or any inhabitation is to create an ambience of belongingness, harmony, and completeness. Often, this is difficult because you need to browse tons of online pages looking for the right artwork to hang on the wall. The worst part is that you are forced to settle with something that's "good enough". You know if you're in this awkward situation when you catch yourself saying to your spouse, "I guess that abstract painting sorta fits the aesthetic of our living room...right babe?" Around here, we don't like "good enough".

Instead of searching store-to-store looking for the right artwork, why not get something made specifically for you? It may sound complicated, but it can be affordably done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Take a picture of a room you want to decorate with art
  2. Upload that picture on MadeMay, choose your favorite contemporary or abstract artist, and describe what you have in mind
  3. Sit back & relax as your artist creates your soon-to-be masterpiece
Example of an abstract made for specifically for this living room

Now, you can proudly hang your very own original art piece that was uniquely made for your living space in mind by a professional artist.

Not only do you save a ton of time by commissioning artwork, but you get to show off something truly amazing to your guests who will be stunned - guaranteed!

#2 - Landscape | Commission Landscape Art

If you're a sentimental person like me, you regularly catch yourself reminiscing of things that matter to you. Perhaps the days of growing up in your childhood ranch in Texas. Or the beach resort in Hawaii where you proposed to your wife. Or your favorite scenic hiking spot in Switzerland that takes your breath away every time.

Why not commission an artist to create that favorite spot of yours with an amazing landscape painting? Sure, it's already on your phone, but getting it on a real canvas by a real artist makes all the difference.

Custom landscape commission

No matter where you choose to hang it, you will be reminded of that special place each time.

P.S. Love your home? You can get house portraits too!

#3 - Business | Commission a Painting of Your Business

Small businesses are the backbone of America and we support small business & independent creators like no other (just ask our community of 400+ independent artists who choose MadeMay as their #1 place for commissions). If you own a business, or have a fondness of a local business, show it off through custom-made artwork!

Drawing of a special opening event for a local business

You can get the painting of your coffee shop and hang it inside (your customers will love that), get a special event or memory turned into a drawing, or just about anything else! As an added bonus, you might even notice company morale increase!

#4 - Portraits | Commission Portrait Painting Art

No other online platform has the level of talent, speciality, and variety of portrait artists MadeMay does - so we obviously had to include this on the list. If you have a photograph of someone you love, someone special to you, or someone you wish to commemorate with an everlasting art piece, you can commission an artist to create an amazing portrait painting.

  1. Upload a photo by starting a request
  2. Choose your favorite artist
  3. Place an order and wait for arrival
Commissioned portrait painting

Note: you don't need a photo to commission an artist. For instance, we had someone ask an artist to help envision & create a painting of what their baby would have looked like had she still been alive. You can watch that touching story here.

The unique thing is you can request a painting to be any way you like, so don't be shy in letting the artist know what you have in mind - they will turn it into a reality!

And one more thing - let's not forget about our fluffy friends - they deserve some recognition too!

Pet Portrait Commission (in artist studio)

#5 - Art Reproduction | Commission Artist to Replicate Painting

If there is a painting you really want, but it's auctioning for $75,000,000 at Christie's in New York City next week, then we recommend getting one of our extremely talented artists to reproduce or replicate that painting for you. It might not be from the original artist, but it's still an original painting containing real work done on a real canvas by a real person.

Plus, who knows, maybe it'll even turn out better than the original rendition!

Luncheon of the Boating Party by French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1881)