How to get a custom NFT made for you (by real NFT artist)

January 25, 2022

NFTs of apes and cyber punks are cool and all - but getting a custom portrait NFT of someone you know is even cooler.

It is like commissioning traditional art, but for NFTs.

For example, you might want to turn a photo of someone into an NFT.

There are many NFT artists available for commission that you can hire to create the best NFT based on your request.

Here is an easy 5-step guide on how to get a custom NFT made for you.

Step #1: Start a request for an NFT

To get matched with the right NFT artist for your custom NFT request and see pricing, start a request on the MadeMay marketplace and select “NFT”.

Step #2: Choose the subject type

Different artists have different specialities in terms of subject matter, so you want to choose the NFT subject type that you like the best.

Here are the most popular subject types:

  • Pixel NFT
  • Cartoon & Comic NFT
  • 3D NFT

This is similar to traditional (non-NFT) art where you see some artists specializing in landscapes, whereas other artists specialize in pet portraits.

Step #3: Upload your photo & describe your request

Since each NFT is made-to-order and tailored to your request, it is important to describe how you envision your soon-to-be NFT.

In this step, you upload an image for the artist to use as reference. You might upload a photo of the person or thing you are getting turned into an NFT, or you might upload photos of other ideas you have as inspiration.

In the text area, you can include any specific request, such as the colors you would like used.

Step #4: Compare & choose an NFT artist

Based on your request and answers, you will be shown a relevant listing of NFT artists that are available to fulfill your request for a custom NFT. Each artist has their own profile, so you can see their previous NFT artwork as well as learning a little bit about the artist. 

Plus, you will see side-by-side pricing to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Step #5: NFT Delivery

After you place an order (requires 25% upfront payment), your artist is notified and will be in touch within 48 hours to let you know they are starting your NFT.

Once the NFT is finished and approved, the actual NFT ownership is transferred off-platform, meaning your artist will provide directions on how you can receive ownership.

FAQs on getting commissioning NFT art:

  • How long does it take to create a custom NFT? It depends on the artist and your request; on average, a custom NFT can be completed within a single day or as high as 10 days. When you start a request and get to the results page, you will 
  • How much does a custom NFT cost? The cost of NFT depends on 4 factors: the artists’ experience and the size & complexity of your request. Similar to the turnaround time above, you can see upfront pricing based on your request on the results page.