How to get custom & personalized candles (with unique scents)

January 25, 2022

The candle industry is booming. From 2012 to 2022, Americans spent $34 billion on candles.

It’s easy to see why millions of Americans love & buy so many candles - different scents provide different auras; and candles have the ability to permeate a unique ambience into any room. For example: lavender for calmness, cotton for cleanliness, and amber for coziness.

Of course, you can go into Walmart or browse on Amazon to find generic & common candle scents.

But what if you want something more personalized & custom-made for your home, office, or living space?

The good news is that you can hire a professional candlemaker to blend & create your own custom candle. For instance, if your favorite scent is amber and your wife’s favorite scent is chocolate chip - you can ask a candlemaker to blend 2 candle scents (amber and chocolate chip) blended into 1 candle jar.

Not only can you get custom scents blended, but you can also customize the candle wax color and even get a custom printed label.

There are several expert candlemakers on the MadeMay marketplace that can create a custom candle for you and here is how you can get your own custom candle.

Step #1: Start a request

To get matched with the right candlemaker for your custom candle request and see pricing, start a request and select “Candle”.

Step #2: Choose a scent

There are more than 150 different candle scents that exist. On MadeMay, we curate the most unique scents for you to choose that you & your guests will love. Here is the list:

  • Lavender candle scent
  • Baked bread candle scent
  • Amber candle scent
  • Vintage books candle scent
  • Elderflower candle scent
  • Yuzu candle scent
  • White tea candle scent
  • Leather candle scent
  • Agave candle scent
  • Rain candle scent
  • Coffee bean candle scent
  • Chocolate chip candle scent
  • Dirt candle scent
  • Eucalyptus candle scent
  • Froot Loops candle scent

Step #3: Choose a 2nd scent

After you have chosen your primary scent, you can choose a 2nd scent. 

If you do not want your first scent blended with anything else, simply select “No additional scent”.

If you choose two scents, it does not mean the mixture will be 50/50, as some scents will overtake other scents if not blended proportionally. For example, chocolate has a dominant scent and needs to be subdued when added with a different scent. MadeMay’s candlemakers are vetted experts and will accurately determine the perfect mixture based on your request.

“Can I choose a 3rd and 4th scent for my candle?” We typically do not recommend it due to sensory overload, but yes, you can place a separate request by contacting us if you wish to add even more scents.

Here is a list of 2nd candle scent options for your custom candle:

  • Balsam fir
  • Hazelnut
  • Rain
  • Ocean air
  • Amber
  • Espresso
  • Eucalyptus
  • Dirt
  • Champagne
  • Clean cotton
  • Oakmoss
  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Sea foam

Step #4: Request a wax color & upload images

After you have chosen your custom candle scents, you have the option to indicate which color wax you would like

Note that you are not required to customize the candle wax color, as the candlemaker will choose a natural wax color if you enter nothing. 

Additionally, you can also upload a photo if you wish to have the candle label customized with something personalized.


Step #5: Choose your candlemaker & checkout

Finally, based on your request, you will be shown a list of candlemakers that will be a good fit to create your candle.

Plus, you will be shown pricing based on your request.

Compare the candlemaker you like best, place an order, and your custom candle will be made and soon arrive at your doorstep.

FAQs on ordering a custom candle:

  • How long does it take to create a custom candle? It takes on average 2-3 days to craft & blend your custom candle, plus another 3 for shipping within the USA. Pro tip: it is recommended you wait 7 days for the candle to “cure” after it arrives for a stronger candle scent. 
  • How much does a custom candle cost? On average, a custom candle costs $35.