How & where to get a couple portrait painting (custom art)

February 18, 2022

You may be asking yourself, what should I get that special someone for Valentine’s Day? Stick to the classic chocolate and flowers, or go for a trendy trinket that will be used two or three times then put into the closet?

As a thoughtful person, we know you love to look for meaningful & unique gifts. We totally get it - we're the same way. offers an alternative to the traditional. Affordable commissioned art that will not wither with time, but become more beloved with each passing year. Pass on the traditional for a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for wives, husbands, boyfriends, and girlfriends. 

Upload any photo and hire one of our top-rated artists to create you an amazing custom-made painting or drawing!

Gift your wife or husband a hand-painted gift of your wedding day; capture your love in all its glory. 

Wedding Day Portrait Painting |

Give your fiancé a painting of the proposal that sparked the intertwining of two lives; a moment that will never be forgotten. 

Painting of Proposal |

Give a boyfriend or girlfriend a special mural of a cherished photograph transformed into an expertly crafted piece of art. 

Couple Portrait Drawing | is guaranteed to make you the star of Valentine’s Day by giving your loved one a hand-made, thoughtful, cherished piece of affordable, commissioned-based art.

Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, & More Paintings |

Each request is created by a real artist and shipped directly to you. (You can also commission a digital portrait painting).

This Valentine's Day, get an artist to turn your photo into a couple portrait painting!

Hire artist for custom-made portrait painting |

P.S. Don't forget about your lovable pets!