3 top NFT artists for hire in 2022

June 15, 2022

#1 - Benjamin Spiegel

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Artist type: NFT Artist

Art specialties: Abstract, object

My name is Ben Spiegel and I'm a budding digital artist in the NFT world. My specialty is generative abstract art that puts a new creative spin on otherwise mundane things. Any artwork you commission from me is completely unique and will remain in its digital form; and will not be sold to anyone else. Please take a look at my portfolio for examples of my work, and any questions are more than welcome. I put my all into creating my art, and I would love to bring your ideas to life!

#2 - Tom Alberi

Location: Ellicott City, Maryland

Artist type: NFT Artist

Art specialties: Abstract, Object

Hi, my name is Tom. I have several decades of experience in creating artwork through traditional and digital mediums. I am proficient in pencil, charcoal, chalk/pastel, and paint. I can also produce images digitally through various drawing applications and even generative art coding. For NFTs, high resolution pictures or scans will be used to transfer physical art to digital files (obviously, artwork created digitally will remain digital). Additionally, I will NEVER sell the original physical artwork or digital files to other people, which will ensure that your NFT remains truly one of a kind. I put every ounce of effort and passion into my artwork and the pieces I create for you will be no exception. Please take a look through my portfolio for examples and let me know if you have any questions. I would love to produce something custom just for you!

#3 - Nastya Smorodina

Location: Riga, Latvia

Artist type: NFT Artist

Art specialties: Cartoon & Comics

Hi there! I am a digital artist from Russia, Saint Petersburg. I have experience of working with clients. Including nsfw art. Also, I have been involved in the creation of two generative collections and I am well acquainted with the principles of work. Therefore, I can draw not only the character, but also all the necessary additions such as clothes, weapons, etc. I will be glad to work with you!