7 Unique Handmade Gift Ideas (by independent artisans)

March 11, 2022

We love the special, memorable moments in life. So, we created a short & sweet gift guide to provide the thoughtful gift-giver a unique selection of handmade gifts for you to choose & compare from.

Check them out!

Disclaimer: all descriptions are provided by the companies.

Custom scented candles by Dio Candle

With over 300 fragrances, you won't find scents like these anywhere else! Customize a one of a kind naturally-vegan soy candle in minutes, and we’ll take care of the rest! Our 8oz Super Adorable Size Candles® are made with premium fragrance that will scent your room for 50-70 hours.

Custom photo-to-crystal by 3D Innovation

Personalize your very own 3D Crystal with any photo such as people, animals, drawings, logos, or anything you can imagine! Our highly skilled and trained team of designers will convert your regular photo into a unique 3D model. Once we have your 3D model, we use state of the art laser technology that creates an explosion of air bubbles into a solid piece of crystal. When viewed from any angle, the intricate design is viewed much like a 3 dimensional sculpture that will last forever. You may also add engraving to add words that are from the heart.

Baroque Hoops by Purpose Jewelry

Our Baruque Hoops were handcrafted with love by women escaping human trafficking in Uganda. At just $58, these 14k plated hoops with a true baroque pearl provides 2 full days of employment for our artisan. These gorgeous hoops were featured on Oprah Daily and have been a bestseller for years. Thank you for changing lives with your purchase, and for providing hope, dignity, and freedom to survivors.

Custom Star Night Poster

Have you ever pondered how the stars aligned the night you met your significant other, the day you gave birth to your kid, the day you married, or any other crucial day in your life? You can quickly create your own star map poster by entering the date and location of any significant event to see how beautiful the night sky was at the time. If you're seeking for a unique way to express your love, aim for the stars while creating your own star map poster.

RAD Children's Furniture

Encouraging free expression throughout a child's growth. We specialize in early childhood furniture and play structures to encourage gross motor development. Based on the Montessori and Pikler schools of thought. Handmade in California for nearly 20 years. The only company recognized and certified by the Pikler Institute for Pikler materials.

Rainbow Bar by Bloom Jewelry

We are ready to be hopeful, and look for and celebrate the light. That is why we created our Over the Rainbow Collection: A Celebration of Love, Life, and Light. Lindsay Bloom, Founder & Head Designer, created this collection from a joyful place in her heart. She picked each gemstone for the supposed meaning and healing properties associated with them. Bloom’s Rainbow Bar Delicate Necklace includes Ruby, Carnelian, Citrine, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Turquoise. The necklace is 14k Gold Filled chain and clasp. It can be worn at 15.5” or 17”. Bloom Jewelry is handcrafted in Denver, Colorado and every piece is backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Deux Lions Jewelry

Deux Lions Jewelry is a Montreal-based luxury jewelry company run by a brother and sister duo. All items are handmade with love in Montreal and made to order. Deux Lions offers the Freya piece on their Cairo chain in Gold Vermeil; a coin inspired by ancient Roman coins embellished with a portrait of a creative and responsible woman.