Vibes of Different Colors | What colors to use when you want to represent something

May 3, 2021

There's a meaning behind every color. We thought it would be fun to give you some words associated with different colors. Everyone sees color differently. What word do you most associate with each of these colors? What color is your favorite and what word really inspires you about your favorite color?

What Red Symbolizes:

  • energy
  • war
  • passion
  • love
  • crisis
  • irritability
  • desire

What Green Symbolizes:

  • growth
  • inspiration
  • freshness
  • serenity

What Blue Symbolizes:

  • spiritual
  • tranquil
  • honesty
  • sadness
  • emotional
  • compassion

What Brown Symbolizes:

  • dependable
  • mature
  • stability
  • resilience

What Orange Symbolizes:

  • enthusiasm
  • creativity
  • encouragement
  • openness
  • stimulation

What Yellow Symbolizes:

  • intelligence
  • joy
  • energy
  • attentive

What Purple Symbolizes:

  • luxury
  • wisdom
  • dignity
  • wealth
  • power
  • mystery

What White Symbolizes:

  • purity
  • cleanliness
  • trust
  • safety

What Black Symbolizes:

  • power
  • elegance
  • grief
  • evil
  • formal

This is a fun little association game to share with others. Open up some dialogue and share with your friends. Just don't forget to share with us too!

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