Where to get handmade & custom goods

May 3, 2021

A popular & trending question many people are asking is where they can get handmade and custom-made stuff & things. Although there are plenty of handmade products on Etsy, a popular marketplace for independent creators, a majority of these items are pre-made and put up for sale after they are created. In other words, the buyer is not involved in the creation process.


So where can you go to get something that does not yet exist, but you want it to be made for you? In other words, where can you get an expert artisan to personalize and uniquely create, by hand, something for you?


No matter what you want handmade for you, there is some expert & talented artisan or maker out there who can create you exactly what you're looking for, exactly the way you want it. That is the beauty of getting things custom made - you can communicate with the creator before project even starts so it is made in the way you envisioned it.


More likely than not, you will be working with independent artisans, craftspeople, or artists to get something customized & handmade for you. Artists, for instance, place a great premium on their independence & freedom and usually work from within their own studio. This can make it challenging as a buyer because locating the right person to create something for you can be overwhelming.

The online marketplace for handmade & custom goods is MadeMay, a popular place to hire experts to create something for you. With over 500 creators, the algorithm will match you with the right expert for any handmade job.


Although they are independent artisans, they are vetted & only allowed to register if they have a proven track record. Obviously, getting something custom-made is a meaningful purchase and there is usually a sentimental value for wanting something handmade, so it is important to only work with expert & top-rated artisans.

Below are a list of made-to-order & handmade products you can request & commission on MadeMay.

  1. Custom portrait paintings, drawings, & art from artists
  2. Custom sculptures & statutes from sculptors
  3. Custom candles with your favorite scents from candlemakers
  4. Custom embroidery from embroiderers
  5. Custom 3D glass crystals from photo
  6. Custom jigsaw puzzles from photo
  7. Custom engraved glassware & silverware
  8. Custom bobbleheads from photo
  9. Custom socks from photo
  10. Custom cutting boards
  11. Custom coffee mugs with photo
  12. Custom pillows 
  13. Custom posters
  14. Custom towels from photos
  15. Custom blankets from photos
  16. Custom playing cards
  17. Custom paint by the numbers
  18. Custom & handmade soaps
  19. Hand-curated & hand-selected subscription boxes


We will continue to update this article & expand the list, so consider bookmarking it and coming back to it later!

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