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MadeMay is a platform dedicated for art commissions & custom requests

We connect thoughtful clients with talented artists

Our mission to support artists, artisans, & creatives

In a world of mass-produced & automated products, our mission is to revive the human touch by operating a platform where thoughtful consumers can discover & hire experts for custom, made-to-order masterpieces


Fine artists, illustrators, painters, digital artists, sculptors, cartoonists, & more


Embroiderers, furniture makers, crafters, candlemakers, & more


Graphic designers, animators, voiceover artists, brand strategists, logo designers, NFTs, UI/UX, & more

How it works

Apply to join ➡ choose your membership plan ➡ get clients

We focus on the "client hunting", so you can focus more on what you do best - creating beautiful art!

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How much we charge

0% fee

Our goal is to quarterback clients to you, so we believe you should keep 100% of what you create

How does MadeMay make money? We have a small monthly fee to listed & featured

Our membership plan is $72/mo

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Since launching in 2020, MadeMay has helped 1,000+ registered artists grow, get clients, & thrive!

Here's what our friends are saying

"MadeMay makes it easy to structure my offerings as an artist and makes it much easier to get commissions."

"Great! The match-making algorithm is nice. I only deal with serious clients and don't have to deal with unnecessary back and forth."

"I have loved the projects I have been able to create through MadeMay, and I feel they actually care about me as a person."

"I added MadeMay to the list of websites I used to promote my artwork. Highly worth it, especially at such a low price."


We specialize in connecting thoughtful clients with top artists for custom, handmade art

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  • Be seen — MadeMay is digitally optimized for SEO to maximize traffic & visibility

  • 0% artist fee — We're fixing the injustices in the online art world with the best fee structure

  • Easy setup — Our team showcases you (no profile/account necessary) so you get contacted directly

  • In control — Name your own pricing, turnaround times, and have the freedom to accept/decline requests

  • Helping you thrive — Our membership benefits include lots of perks, including a dedicated sales rep

  • Artist Guarantee — If the client is unsatisfied, our team will work on getting it resolved on your behalf

  • Payment Guarantee — We partner with Stripe for comprehensive payment protection, such as fraud protection and failed payment recovery

  • Shipping Guarantee — We take care of issues like loss & theft if something goes wrong during transit

  • Full support — Our friendly team is available 7 days a week

  • Invoicing & tax — Get free invoicing support by MadeMay and automate financial documents